Possibilities Reveal Themselves

And there we are, folks, done with the first round of planned stories, showcasing our main cast. I am taking a break while I think where to focus my time next. 

Of course, I would love to have your input in the meantime. Please, take your time to answer this survey.

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Which hero/stories should I focus my attention on?
More on the efforts of Aeneid building her team, recruiting and training new members and gaining favour among the population of Rome and claim her legitimate place as the true manifestation of Latin heroism.
The Aventine Avenger as he establishes himself as the voice of the oppressed plebeians, tries to bring law and safety to his corner of Rome and tries to uncover more about the conspiracy that ruined his person and those dear to him.
Promethia is an usual presence that has been causing surprise and confusion as she steps forward to protect Rome and its people. What she lacks in terms of subtlety or experience she makes up with sheer passion and unrestrained power. Which adventures she will stumble on as she tries to move on to even greater challenges?
Rome is Rome because of the bonds it has with its allies. Perhaps I should focus more on the adventures that Tabula Rasa has, wandering across Italia on his quest to assist the allies of the Eternal City and regain some of their lost goodwill.
Everything else is too mundane or dull; Hermes Trismegistus is the Magus, the master of all things magical. He has no time to lose with this, so let's follow him as she tangles with gods and demons to protect reality itself.
Orcus remains a mysterious figure even now, a secondary character but never a main character. Perhaps it is time that Orcus gets his own story?
I have been avoiding "origin stories" for a reason, for I believe they are really only interesting once we are already invested in a given character. However, perhaps you want to see me devoting some time to clean up and develop the origin stories of some of our heroes.
So far we only talked about Heroes, but what about the Villains of the Republic? Perhaps it the time is due to introduce some nefarious opposition and see how they mix with our would-be-protectors of the Free(ish) World.
What about all this nonsense about Triumphants and Crows? Perhaps some of you are more interested in the source of power itself and those that came before. A tale before Rome controlled even its own corner of the world, and a century of heroics against the forces of Ice and Darkness.