In Peace with Tyranny

This is a writer's commentary on "When Gaius Attilus and Titus Manlius Were Consuls". You can read the original story here.

I knew she was trouble the moment she walked into my Forum.

What did she do to warrant  this much hate?

What exactly does she seek to change and why there is such resistance to it? After all, change has been common in Rome lately; on the other hand, too much has changed in Rome of late. 

The War with Carthage tested the Roman people like no other conflict. Rome has always seen their eternal war as a struggle against forces that tried to swallow them and rob them of their liberty - a bulwark against dangers both internal and external. Etruscan Kings, Celtic Chiefs, Italian Peers, Greek Hegemons; the faces of Tyranny and Chaos that demanded violence as an answer.

You cannot apply that mindset to Carthage; justifying the wage of such costly war against a fellow democratic power and another lovers of freedom has taken its toll on the soul of Roma. 

 It is only normal that the Senate and the People wish to move on from this war, to try to accept peace. However, one must ask themselves: what peace is that? One that requires Rome to ignore the despots and villains that prey on those next doors? One that is just a convenient way to avoid looking inward and see the festering cancer within the City? 

That was why she came back, this woman that seeks to break the Chains of Peace and open the Gates of Janus.

Looking into my storyboard for that story, I think no snapshot might represent who she is more  than this one: